APEMAN 3D Glasses[ZD10-2] – 2 PACK

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APEMAN 3D glasses DPL series are well designed product. The glasses are compatible with all 3D projectors, which offers you the convenience of enjoying 3D videos and pictures at home with various projectors. You cannot miss it if you are just looking for a good pair of 3D glasses.

【Reliable Quality】: Next Generation Ultra Clear 144Hz Refresh Rate, high contrast and high brightness
【Compatibility】: Compatible with all DLP link 3D projectors. Not compatible with EPSON projector.
【Automatic Detection】: Automatically standby, run and auto-off
【Long Battery Life】: 2 hours charging for 30 hours use
【Tip】: Optimized for 3D Projectors only. Not for TVs

Product Features
Triple Flash: Preventing overexertion of your eyes
High contrast and high brightness
Supporting various types of flashes, compatible with all 3D DLP projectors
Connection in less than 1 second
Automatic R/L calibration
100 % flash coverage, unaltered colors, black stays black
Zero flicker-technology: No sync loss or “flickering”
178° Signal Receiver: Ghosting-free pictures from almost all perspectives
UV Filter: Usable at daylight
Scratch-proof covered LCDs
Functions: Automatic detection, standby, run, auto-off
High Performance Battery: Rapid charging function
Huge LCD Lenses (peripheral view undisturbed)
Fitting perfectly on prescription spectacles

Weight: 32 grams
Contrast: 1200/1
Frequency Range: 96Hz / 100Hz / 120Hz / 144Hz
Synchronization: DLP link
Duration of Use: 30 hours
Charging Duration: 2 hours

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