About Us

Our Story

While starting up the “Apeman” company, we desired to bring our ideas and values into life by creating inspiring products for people who could share our passion and beliefs.

Passion, independence, creativity and sharing, these are the values that our company stands for. We live at the limit of our abilities and try to bring excitements and adventures into everyone’s life.

We believe, that our products will fire you up, change the way you think, change the way you live, and most importantly – help you to understand, what you are really capable of.

Let Apeman be the starting point of your adventure.

Our Team

APEMAN, founded in 2016, is the global leader in the market of action camera, dash camera, trail camera and projector, introducing the latest technologies with the hardware expertise to design and deliver reliable consumer electronics and mobile tech accessories. We want to share our ideas and values with the people around the world and bring our inspiring products to the world

  • R&D Team : Our R&D team is at the forefront of the era, focusing on product quality control and concentrating on developing high-tech products for our customers. To ensure the quality of the product, we must do the test, not just development. Our test is not only technical but also is systematic and customer-oriented. Sometimes we feel that there is a problem, so-called “smell not good”, and then we will try our best to discover the problem and solve it.
  • Design Team : Our design team will cudgel our brains to design the unique image of products and our brand based on life experience and professional skills, and we want to bring you different visual enjoyment. We will highlight the performance and advantages of our products for you to get a better understanding and make a good choice in a wide range of products.
  • Marketing Team : Marketing team is responsible for brand marketing, market management and other comprehensive marketing details. We set our position as the corporate marketing strategic planning unit under the direct leadership of APEMAN. We are not only a team with first-rate professional knowledge, but also a passionate team to make a difference. We keeps up with the market dynamics and the latest product information, and we aim to delivering the true and useful information to our customers.
  • Sales Team : Sales team is the one who is closest to customers and who knows products best. We’re experienced with professional knowledge, and we know what our customer really want and we are passionate to recommend the most suitable product to our customers. We will participate in analyzing sales data to identify opportunities and optimize resources allocation. Also, we would like to work with others to develop business strategy in various category, and bring better experience to our customers.
  • Customer Support Team : If you have any questions about APEMAN, contact our customer support team and you can always get a response. Customer support team is the center to assist customers when they have any problems about the product or any inquires. We believes that sincerity is the key and we are always here to respond to needs of our customers immediately and patiently. We can give our solutions to customer and bring customers the best after-sales experience. we have our solitary goal — to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Our Mission

Help people to record the most amazing adventures of their life and share them with the world.

Contact Us

For general comments and inquiries, please get in touch with us with email.
Customer support please contact: support@apemans.com
Marketing inquiries please contact: marketing@apemans.com