APEMAN SL350 Speedlite Flash for Canon Speedlight for Nikon Guide Number 58 LCD Display Compatible with Sony Panasonic Pentax Olympus DSLR Cameras

Apeman SL350 Speedlite Flash is a widely used accessory for photographers, it enables certain increment of illumination, to make the subject to be photographed brighter, which leads to significant enhancement in visual performance of photographs. Apeman SL350 is a professional speedlite flash with Guide Number up to 58, supports multiple flash modes and auto/manual zoom. It offers superb versatility – allowing users to capture outstanding images, wherever you are.

  • 【Guide Number Up to 58, Very Competitive at The Same Price】 Higher intensity and longer distance of illumination, making it possible to meet different shooting requirements of professional photographers
  • 【Compatible with All DSLR Cameras, Highly Usable to Photography Fanatics】 Compatible with all Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus DSLR cameras with standard hot shoe
  • 【Comprehensive Functions to Enhance Your Photography Performance】 Supports auto/manual zoom coverage from 24mm to 105mm, M/MULTI/S1/S2 flash mode, as well as Exposure Compensation, Exposure Bracketing, Exposure Locking, Over-heating Protection, Power-saving Mode
  • 【LCD Display Allows You to Change Your Settings with Ease】 Operations(flash mode, zoom, other settings) synchronized on Display, sets all parameters with ease, fast and convenient use virtually anywhere for any situation
  • 【Multi-functional Portable Package Offers Great Convenience While On The Go】 There is an exclusive space in bottom for hard diffuser and a strap to fasten 4*AA batteries, as well as a dedicated belt in the back. With all those thoughtful designs, it offers considerable convenience for photographers to take speedlite flash around

Supports MULTI Mode
MULTI is one special type of Flash modes. Flash unit triggers flash fire once a time in common use, while in MULTI mode flash unit triggers flash fires multiple times in one single exposure process. Successive flashing of strategically placed flash mechanisms result in shadows along the depths of the scene, which enables users to capture the intricate motion states of a moving object in image.

Guide No.: 58(ISO 100, 105mm)
Flash mode: M/MULTI/S1/S2
Recycle time: Approx. 0.1~3s
Color temperature: 5600K
Flash Duration: 1/200s to 1/20000s
Flash Coverage: 24-105mm
Vertical Rotation Angle: 0~90 degrees
Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0~270 degrees
Power: 4*AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life: 100-1500 flash fires
Flash Control: 8 steps of power output control(1/128 – 1/1), total 22 fine tuning
Weight: 580g

What’s in The Box:
1 x Apeman SL350 Speedlite Flash
1 x Stand
1 x Wireless Infrared Remote Control
1 x Hard Diffuser
1 x Portable Protection Case

5 thoughts on “APEMAN SL350 Speedlite Flash for Canon Speedlight for Nikon Guide Number 58 LCD Display Compatible with Sony Panasonic Pentax Olympus DSLR Cameras”

  • I was looking for a flash for my Canon T1i and this would be my first external camera flash. I bought this APEMAN SL350 Speedlite Flash to try out how external flash works for me before I invest more into a high-end external flash.
    The package contains Apeman SL350 Speedlite Flash, Camera Flash Stand, Wireless Infrared Remote Control, Hard Diffuser, Carrying Case, and User Manual. The GN (Guide Number) on this Apeman SL350 is 58 and it’s fairly powerful for a camera flash at this price range (A higher GN number means a more powerful flash). It supports zoom coverage from 24mm to 105mm and M/MULTI/S1/S2 flash modes. The SL350 doesn’t support any kind of TTL but it does work with most DSLRs. The way it works is that all the settings have to be manually adjusted (since it doesn’t support TTL so camera can’t adjust the flash unit directly) but the flash can be triggered by the included remote control, camera flash control (in M/MULTI mode, when SL350 is mounted on camera) or camera’s built-in flash (in S1/S2 modes, through S:350’s optical sensor). SL350 has 8 steps of power output control from 1/128 to 1/1, and 22 fine tuning points.
    The unit requires 4 AA batteries to operate and they aren’t included in the package. It can also be powered from an external power source. The angle can be adjusted vertically from 0 to 90 degrees and horizontally from 0 to 270 degrees. The recycle time in MULTI mode is pretty fast and can go faster than half a second (However, less powerful flash than in M mode). I use MULTI mode most time to take pictures when my kids are moving around. The battery life is fair and I can usually take about 300-600 pictures with every 4 fully charged AA batteries as I typically take pictures at between 1/4 – 1/32 power output. This camera flash will automatically enter power-saving mode after being idle for a while. Overall this SL350 has served me well as I prefer to manually setup my shots most time.

  • I was looking for an inexpensive flash for my Canon eos M. The flash is pretty well built for the price range, and looks like it will last. The flash works well with canon eos M, and the picture is very nice. The flash works great. It didn’t feel like cheap plastic. Its pretty sturdy. It comes with a carrying case which I like cause it keeps the flash protected while in my camera bag.

  • My friend recommend this flash to me, he said it was a good flash. So I ordered it, after I used it, it exceeded my expectation. I am very glad I don’t miss it.
    There are many advantages of this product I think. First,the GN is 58, it is worth at this price. Second, as same as other flashes, it has the LCD display. I think it is so convenient to me. I can set the parameters at any time. Third, I like its protection case very much, it is very practical. In the bottom, unzip the zipper, I find a space for diffuser and a strap to fasten 4*AA batteries. It is so nice. And there is a belt in the back, it is so convenient to me when I go out.
    I am very pleased with the performance of this flash unit, really great value with lots of features. I don’t think you can do better for the price. Anyway, I like it very much.

  • I’m very impressed with the photos this APEMAN speed light can produce.
    I gotta admit that with the low cost I wasn’t expecting it to be as great as it is, I purchased me 4 AA rechargeable battery’s and they lasted as long as I needed them to, I was expecting it to drain the battery’s quit fast but Timmy surprise it did not they lasted as long as I needed them to and still had battery life left when I was finished.!!
    I have had this long enough to do a lot of messing with it. The photo I uploaded was using this Speedlite Flash. I think it came out great. Also attached is a photo of it attached to my Canon t6 (650d). Also, it has 2 slave modes and comes with a stand so you can use it as filler light from the side or wherever. I have verified that it fires off quick and works exactly as it should as a slave
    I have seen people say that you need high end flashes etc.. While I do not consider myself a “Professional” photographer, I just enjoy taking photos as a hobby.

  • I was reasonably happy with the flash for the price that I bought it at. The case that it comes with is also convenient to put everything in. I would say that it serves as a good substitute for higher end flash if you don’t have the available funds. I would recommend others to look into this product if that is the case. I have been happy with my purchase and I would recommend others to look into it as well.

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