APEMAN H65 Trail Camera 12MP Hunting Game Camera with Infrared Night Version 1080P 2.4 inch LCD Screen PIR Sensors and IP54 Spray Water Protected

This hunting camera is designed to take photos and videos of wildlife, capturing every brilliant movement of them. Detect sudden changes to the ambient temperature of wildlife and get more fun. You also can use it as a surveillance system for home security.

Bullet Point:

  • 【Excellent Image and Video Quality】The reliability of high-performance 12-megapixel image resolution captures crisp, brightly colored photos each time motion is detected of wild game during the day (black and white at night), takes up to 9 photos per detection. The 1080P Video is at your fingertips, records clear video and sound (support 10s to 3 minutes video length).
  • 【Short Trigger Speed & Long Trigger Distance】An impressively fast trigger speed of less than 1 second ensure each detected movement is captured quickly and accurately, also documented in real time. effective shooting up to 20m. User are guaranteed to never miss any of the action.
  • 【Low Glow Infrared Technology】 Equipped with 42 pcs black LEDs, takes wonderful images. Additionally, avioding to produce such bright flash which scare animals away when taking pictures.
  • 【Other Excellent features】 2.4 inch LCD screen, IP54 Spray water protected design, Up to 6 Months long battery life with 8AA batteries, Passive Infrared Sensor, Multiple usages e.g. home security, wildlife monitoring, surveillance and scouting game.
  • 【User Friendly】Photo, Video, Photo + Video 3 modes with easy operation process. Detailed and useful user manual is included. APEMAN service team provides professional after-sales help timely.

Advanced Infrared Technology
With 42pcs infrared LEDs, the camera can keep an appropriate brightness during daytime and at night for a high quality shooting. In addition, the camera can automatically reduce the brightness to extend battery life under energy saving mode.

One switch to change mode, simple operation
Image sensor: 5.0 mega pixels, 1/2.5’’ CMOS sensor
Photo resolution: 12M 4000 x 3000 (interpolated), 8M 3264 x 2448 (interpolated), 5M 2592 x 1944
Screen: 6.1cm(2.4’’) color TFT LCD; 480 x 234 pixels
Recording medium: Support SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB (optional)
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080p (15fps) 1280 x 720p (30fps) 848 x 480 (30fps) 640 x 480p (30fps)
Lens: F=7.45; F/NO=3.0; FOV=55; Auto IR filter
Effectiveness: Daytime 1m-infintive; Night time 3m-20m
Triggering distance: up tp 20m
Triggering time: less than 1 second
IR flash: 44 infrared LEDs for night shots (range 20m)
Detection angle of sensors: central sensor zone: 35-40; Side sensor zone: each 30; total sensor anngle zone: 120
Spray water proctected: Yes (IP protection class 54)
Storage formats: Photo-JPEG
Video-AVI Motion JPEG
Connections: mini USB 2.0 (USB and TV out)
Power supply: 4x or 8x batteries type LR6 (AA); 4x or 8x NiMH batteries type LR66 (AA) with low self discharge; external 6V power supply, at least 1.5A (not supplied)
Standby time: approx 6 months (with 8 batteries)
Dimension: approx 135(H) x 93(B) x72(T) mm

What’s in the box
Hunting camera
Wall mount
Mounting belt
USB and video cable
Instructioin manual

6 thoughts on “APEMAN H65 Trail Camera 12MP Hunting Game Camera with Infrared Night Version 1080P 2.4 inch LCD Screen PIR Sensors and IP54 Spray Water Protected”

  • This is my second Apeman trail cam and I love them both. My first one had 720p video and I liked it so much I decided to buy the 1080p version. I don’t use mine for hunting but love watching the various animals that stroll through my yard. I’m in PA on about an acre of land with no fences so we gets lots of wildlife. Deer, turkey, fox, bears, etc. are all common around here.
    I have mine setup on the front deck post and I was able to get some pics/video after only 1 day! I included a few pics and a small 10 second video of a deer at night. I had it setup a bit high so next time I put it out I’m going to lower it a bit. You can customize it to only take a picture, a video, or a combo. You can adjust the picture/video quality and how long you want it to record for. I have mine set to 10 second clips but I think I’m going to bump that up a bit more (it can record up to 3 minutes at a clip). You can even adjust how long the camera goes into sleep mode after each detection so it doesn’t keep recording the same animal.
    It runs on 8 AA batteries and last up to 6 months. It’s obviously waterproof and it comes with mounting hardware you can attach to a tree but it also comes with a strap so no drilling required! Another feature this model has that I like are the addition of two more PIR side sensors for better motion detection.
    All of my pics/videos came out great and I couldn’t be happier with this trail cam. The pictures can even display date/time/and temperature! Very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone!

    • Thank you for your comment, it is appreciated since I am buying one tonight, I am using mine on a Veterans Memorial to monitor people’s actions
      and the kids incase someone does something to the Memorial. It should help our insurance rates since we are using it as a security mode. Again,
      thank you for your time and comments.

  • This camera is really nice, especially for the price. The main reason I picked this camera is that is can operate on 4AA batteries as well as 8AA. I hunt where there is high grass, so I don’t like putting 8AA batteries in the camera (because strands of Johnson Grass can continuously set it off). Setup was a breeze, pretty similar to other cameras. The best piece of advice I can give for this camera (as well as any other game camera) is use quality batteries (lithium, Duracell, Energizer, etc.) and use the highest class SD card you can get (class 10 or higher). The higher the class, the faster the photos can read to the card (so it helps with blurriness on images). Great camera, I will post some wildlife pictures once I get some good ones.

  • Great camera! The camera and recording quality is above average, more than I had expected. What impresses me the most is how clear the photos are in the dark. Because this has its own LED lights, you can get clear pictures in the dark and have HD quality photos as well as videos (all while saving memory card capacity). It’s solid, extremely well-built, can withstand the elements (waterproof) easily and very durable for outdoor use. To access inside camera, they use heavy duty latches – also function to fasten and create nice seal from outdoor elements. The camera opens up to give you access to a LCD display screen, menu buttons, SD card slot and the battery compartment. There is also built in speaker, so you can watch / review and listen to your captured footage. Also you connect the camera to a computer using provided USB cable. The camera housing makes it easy to tie it around a tree or mount it using tripod for more mobility.

  • This trail camera is camouflage and it is the model H65 and it’s 1080p full HD resolution and it comes with the cords to charge it and the mounting brackets to put it on the tree or post or whatever you want to mount it to and then it comes with a strap for you to carry it or attach it to a tree. Plus it comes with the instructions they are really easy to understand and it was really simple to install. Also teally takes high-quality pictures the first day with it out I caught a picture of a five point buck so I know that it works really well and I’m highly satisfied with it and I will probably be getting another one real soon because the pictures had great quality. Plus it really blends in really well once it’s installed so no risk of it being spotted or stole.

  • Small, lightweight and easy to use. Straightforward. We bought it primarily to catch/see what was attacking our big pond fish. The fish killed were 20″ Koi, Catfish, and Large Mouth Bass. It took several nights, but we got a picture of a Muskrat leaving the pond. This must have been the predator. Clear pictures. Even captured our farm house 200 yds away.

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