APEMAN A60 12MP Full HD 1080P Waterproof Sport Action Camera Customer Review and Video Test

Within point and shoot cameras, the Apeman A60 is classified as a basic compact camera, which are designed to give users decent image quality (above that of a smartphone) with optical zooming capabilities at a reasonable price point. They’re one of the most portable options on the market as well, with the exception of ultra compact models.

The Apeman A60 is an action camera, which means it’s portable and rugged enough to accompany you on outdoor adventures such as surfing, mountain biking, and even skydiving to name a few. Action cams are mostly used for recording videos, and are extremely popular amongst extreme sport enthusiasts. This model is waterproof and can go as far down as 98ft underwater.

Part I.Customer Review

Quality und Build-Quality:
The camera is made out of a solid plastic case that is covered by some sort of rubber. It has that mat rubbery feeling to it which is very nice. It has a higher build quality than many more expensive ActionCams. It has a build in 170° Wideangle lense, wich is also covered by protective foil. Next to the lense you can find the On/Off and Mode Button. With that you can turn your Camera on and off AND you can navigate through the menu of the camera. On the right side there are two buttons (up/down) and the microphone/speaker. These 2 Buttons have 2 functions: 1. help you to choose a specific option in the menu 2. you also can zoom in and out with them. On the left side there are 3 Connections. You can pop in a Micro-Sd card up to 32 GB into that Micro-SD slot.Under that Micro-SD slot there are also a Micro-USB port for charging and data transfer purposes and a Micro HDMI port to Mirror your Videos to the TV.Under the ActionCam you will find the powerful 900mAh battery. The Back is covered by a 1,5“ screen, which also protected by protective foil. On the Top there is an OK Button, that you can use to confirm the option you chose before or to shoot your pictures and videos.

In Daylight the result is just mesmerizing, but it is more interesting, that the quality in dark spaces is still very good. In the Video you can see that the image/video quality is still very very good in cloudy weather or in a dark pub.
Furthermore this ActionCam actually has usable image stabilization which you can turn on and off manually. So the videos don’t just look less wobbley they also seem to be sharper and deeper than with other ActionCams. And there are a lot of utilities that you can change manually, which also improves the result a lot!

The maximum video resolution is 1080p with 30fps. There is an HDR mode, it also has movement detection, and a car mode, for using it as a Car Camcorder. One thing that I enjoyed a lot was the removable AND adjustable timestamp. The image resolution goes up to a maximum of 12 Megapixels and fine quality (economy – normal – fine). Pictures can be taken/shot as usual pictures or as burst images or as continuous shots (every X sec 1 picture….). This is just perfect to shoot a mesmerizing time-lapse.

But like I already said the biggest difference of this ActionCam to others is the adjustability of the utilities. You can change the white balance, use filters, crank up the ISO, change the exposure and turn on and off the image stabilization. It also is capable of face- or smile detection. And there is a lot more like the extensive language settings.

The Battery Life is actually better than expected. The manifacturer sais it is about 90 minutes while filming with a resolution of 1080p with 30fps. I actually made it to 93 minutes.

The waterproof casing worked beautifully. So you can absolutely use it for your underwater videos and
And the case buttons seemed a lot smoother and easier to press than most other ActionCam Cases I tested.

It is very simple, easy and intuitive so BIG THUMBS UP THERE.


The shipment included the Apeman A60 Action Cam of course as well as the waterproof casing as well as a lot of accessories. Here is a full list of all included parts:
– 1 x Apeman A60 ActionCam
– 1 x Waterproof ActionCam case
– 1 x High Quality carrying case
– 1 x Battery 900mAh
– 1 x Bikehandle Mount
– 1 x Swivel Mount
– 2 x Extra 3M Stickypads
– 1 x Microfibre cloth
– 2 x Helmet Mounts
– 1 x J-Mount
– 3 x Switch Support Mounts (different sizes)
– 1 x Thorough Manual
– 1 x Skeleton Case with Clip
– 2 x Velcro Bands
– 2 x Strap ties
– 4 x Cable ties
– 1 x Metal Band for fixing
– 1 x Micro-USB-Cable

Part II.Customer Review Video

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